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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage and Thai Yoga Pregnancy Massge, is the perfect relaxation for any expectant mother, at a time when the body is naturally changing, and mum to be, may feel uncomfortable, lethargic and achey 

Pregnancy massage has all the benefits of any massage, but will be specifically tailored for the expectant mothers needs.

Treatment is received lying on your side, supported with pillows. 

A base oil such as almond or grapeseed will be used, and depending on the trimester, essential oils may be selected and blended in the base oil if desired. Strict safety guidelines are observed in the selection of essential oils.

Reflexology is also a wonderful relaxing treatment to receive while pregnant. See Reflexology for more information. 

Amy offers our clients a Thai Yoga Pregnancy Massage treatment. 
Applying acupressure along energy lines and Hatha Yoga stretches this massage helps release blocked energy restoring wellbeing. Thai Yoga Massage sometimes known as Lazy Man’s Yoga. Please wear loose comfortable clothing

Pregnancy Massage