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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a powerful, flowing, meditative massage.

Using a combination of deep massage and pressure points, with a firm and gentle rhythm, assists in releasing muscular tension and discomfort built up in the upper body.

Concentrating on the shoulders, upper arms, flowing onto the neck and scalp. A gentle pressure point massage on the face, completes this medative treatment. Calming the mind, aiding relaxation and promoting clearer thinking. 

If desired, essential oils can be selected and worked into the hair, helping to soften and stimulate the scalp.

Traditionally, Indian Head Massage is received fully clothed in a normal upright chair.

However, most clients prefer to receive this treatment laying on a massage couch, where they completely relax and feel totaly supported.

Another option is to receive this treatment in an ergonomic chair, supporting the body in an upright position.

This massage is carried out fully clothed, however, you may choose to be massaged directly onto the skin if you prefer.


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