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Hot Stone Massage

During this mesmerising hot stone treatment, you will be massaged with beautiful smooth basalt stones. These stones, which vary in shapes and sizes, are made from volcanic rock, which absorbs and retains heat. This heat can be deeply relaxing, helping to warm the muscles quicker, enabling deeper, but more gentle work into the muscles fibres. Before you arrive the stones are cleansed and heated.  

Treatment starts with quite fast movements, working deeply and gently into the muscles, as the stone's cool, the movements will slow before replacing the cooled stones with new hot stones.

Stones may be left in various places around the body and between the toes to further relax the muscles. Cold stones may also be used in cases of inflammation or injury. If desired essential oils can be selected and blended into the base oil. 

This treatment is not recommended for pregnant women, people with heart disease or blood thinning medication. 



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