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FAQs about our Massage treatments

How often should I have massage.

We are regularly asked how often massage, reflexology or Reiki should be received. This does  depend on lots of issues.  How much pain you are in,  if you feel your muscles are stiff or ache or if you just want a bit of maintenance to keep the muscles supple.

Our recommendation is every four or five weeks if you are just maintaining muscle / body health but more often if you are in pain or discomfort.  This can be discussed with Julie.

What to expect in a treatment.

You will be asked to complete a consultation form and give brief details of your medical history.   We will then discuss what to expect from your treatment.

In an aromatherapy massage a choice of essential oils will be selected with your approval and blended.  You will be asked to take off relevant clothing depending on your choice of massage then left to undress in private.  You will be covered with towels and only areas being worked on will be exposed.  Seated, Indian head massage, reflexology and Reiki are done without removing clothes.  Reflexology starts with a relaxing foot bath.

Treatment will commence and we ask you to let us know if you are too hot or cold, if you prefer music or silence or if the pressure is too deep or light.   A combination of stretching, pressure, deep, firm, gentle or still techniques and movements will be used. Essential oils, base oils, creams, talc, hot stones, heat bags and ice packs.
This is your treatment and we want you to feel completely relaxed during your time with us.  At the end of a treatment you will be offered a glass of water and once sitting up will be left to dress in private.

How will I feel after a treatment / after care

You may feel a little light headed this is quite normal and will quickly pass.  We recommend that after a treatment you should take it easy, rest if you can, eat light meals and drink plenty of water. This will allow time for your body to adjust to the treatment.  If you can keep the oils on your body overnight this will help especially with essential oils used in aromatherapy massage. We also recommend that alcohol is not consumed within 12 hours of having a treatment.

The next day you may feel that the muscles ache or feel a bit tender, again there is nothing to be worried about and this will pass in a couple of days.  Allow 2 or 3 days for the treatment to settle.

If you have any worries after your treatment please do contact us as we do like to have your feedback.

Medical Conditions 

Those who have a medical condition, who are taking medication or are pregnant should consult their GP, midwife or other health care professional before having Complementary Therapies.

If you suffer with a medical condition that you regularly see your doctor about we ask you to obtain a letter from your doctor confirming they are happy for you to receive treatment.  We recommend that you should not receive a massage if you have a fever.  If you are unsure whether a massage would be appropriate to your condition please speak to one of our therapists before making an appointment.                                    

Men and Women welcome

In a safe and calm environment, treatment's that Julie offers are suitable for both Men and Women of all ages.

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