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Baby Massage

Bonding is the very special emotional connection between parent and a child which is strengthened over time.

The power of touch is important in the bonding process and parents instinctively start stroking their babies as soon as they are born.

Massage is the perfect way to enhanced and build this connection and puts you in touch with your baby.

Massage induces a feeling of calm and deep relaxation for you both as well as strengthening and supporting babies delicate body systems, easing problems such as colic and improving sleep patterns.

You will learn how to massage your baby safely using gentle massage techniques.

Your baby should ideally be aged between two and seven months and techniques can be taught in small groups or individually if preferred, either in your home, at a local venue or one to one at Columbines.

Group courses consist of four 1hr sessions. Individual sessions consist of two 45 min. session

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