Julie Forbes - Reflexology, Massage, Reiki

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage, Traditionally a light massage, however, most people prefer a deeper massage. Working to each persons individual threshold Julie aims to bring relaxation by the end of the treatment.

After selecting and blending essential oils, Julie uses deep, firm, gentle and still techniques and movements, sensing and applying pressure on areas causing pain, tightness and tension, easing, stretching and relaxing tight, sore muscles, relieving stress and tension held in the body.

A wonderfully intuitive, thorough, flowing and effective treatment, a perfect full body massage or a back, neck, shoulder, arm and hand massage, brings relaxation peace and calm to your life. The head and face can be included if required, some say the icing on the cake! 


About Essential oils

Essential oils are highly concentrated natural fragrances, extracted from flowers, leaves, berries, fruit, roots and bark. Extracted by steam distillation, cold pressed and maceration. These oils possess a wide range of healing properties helping to stimulate cellular renewal.

It is beleived that essential oils penetrate through the skin and are absorbed into the blood stream, where they work on, easing aches and pains, balancing emotions, fighting bacteria and other infections.





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